• 8" Bass Driver Unit

    Deep, rich lows are a highlight of this 8" bass unit. Get sound that really shakes things up.

  • Titanium Dome Tweeters

    Enrich your audio with crisp, clear highs provided courtesy of our high-quality titanium dome tweeters.

  • Bookshelf Audio Quality

    Ditch those tiny, ineffectual satellite speakers, and enjoy full bookshelf sound quality.

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Edifier S351DB Enceinte bibliothèque et caisson de basses 2.1 Système de haut-parleurs Bluetooth V4.0 aptX (certifié reconditionné)

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La plupart des systèmes audio 2.1 intègrent des haut-parleurs satellites mineurs et compensent le son de ces petits satellites avec leur subwoofer. Avec le S351DB, vous obtenez à la fois un gigantesque caisson de basses et un ensemble complet d'enceintes bibliothèque. Connectez-vous à vos sources via Bluetooth, AUX, optique, coaxial ou PC avec le S351DB. Prenez le contrôle total de votre son grâce aux commandes du buffet en faveur de l'une des enceintes bibliothèque. Obtenez une profonde satisfaction avec les basses tonitruantes lorsque le caisson de basses de 8 pouces est actionné pendant la lecture. Les films, la musique et les jeux vidéo se réveillent lorsque vous connectez ce caisson de basses et créez du son. Basculez entre les sources et contrôlez la lecture avec la télécommande. Appréciez beaucoup plus les basses profondes et tonitruantes de vos films, musiques et jeux les plus appréciés avec ce système audio 2.1.

    One Year Limited Warranty Certified Refurbished Replacement ONLY

    Free Shipping Over $99

    Edifier S351DB Enceinte bibliothèque et caisson de basses 2.1 Système de haut-parleurs Bluetooth V4.0 aptX (certifié reconditionné)
    Edifier S351DB Enceinte bibliothèque et caisson de basses 2.1 Système de haut-parleurs Bluetooth V4.0 aptX (certifié reconditionné)
    Edifier S351DB Enceinte bibliothèque et caisson de basses 2.1 Système de haut-parleurs Bluetooth V4.0 aptX (certifié reconditionné)
    Edifier S351DB Enceinte bibliothèque et caisson de basses 2.1 Système de haut-parleurs Bluetooth V4.0 aptX (certifié reconditionné)
    Edifier S351DB Enceinte bibliothèque et caisson de basses 2.1 Système de haut-parleurs Bluetooth V4.0 aptX (certifié reconditionné)
    Edifier S351DB Enceinte bibliothèque et caisson de basses 2.1 Système de haut-parleurs Bluetooth V4.0 aptX (certifié reconditionné)

    Side Panel Controls

    Take full control of your audio with the side panel controls on the side of one of the bookshelf speakers. Three knobs are located on the side that affects the bass, treble, and volume for the entire 2.1 system. Once switched on, the power light will appear so you know your system is working.

    8-Inch Subwoofer for Deep Lows

    Receive deep satisfaction from the rumbling lows from the S350DB when the 8-inch subwoofer is activated during playback. Movies, music, and games come to life when you have this subwoofer attached and producing sound.

    Titanium Dome Tweeters

    The S351DB is equipped with two bookshelf satellite speakers that have titanium dome tweeters that aid in producing a sound that provides clear highs in any genre of music or videos and movies. The titanium dome tweeters are ¾-inch in size.

    Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

    The S351DB has a built-in amplifier that helps power and drives the speakers. As such, the S351DB uses digital signal processing. This helps the speakers provide clear and standardized levels when processing digital signals.

    Dynamic Range Control (DRC)

    The S351DB comes with a built-in amplifier that powers and amplifies both the bookshelf speakers and subwoofer. This system uses a dynamic range control for amplifying quiet sounds as well as reduce loud sounds that may cause clipping and unpleasant sounds.


    • User Manual
    • Remote Control
    • Subwoofer
    • Power Code
    • AAA Batteries
    • Passive Satellite Speaker
    • Active Satellite Speaker
    • Speaker Connecting Cable
    • Fiber Optic Input Cable
    • 3.5mm-RCA Audio Cable



    • R/L: ≥80dB(A) SW: ≥ 85dB 


    • R/L: ≤0.2% SW: ≤0.2% 


    • R/L:160Hz-20KHz SW:40Hz-160H


    • 8inch


    • 3.5 inch


    • 3/4 inch


    • Active


    • 150W


    • (1.5M/5ft)



    • (2.5M/8.2ft)
    • 3.5mm-RCA
    • Audio(1.7M/5.5ft)
    • Speaker Connecting (5M/16ft)


    • 19.1kg



    • 100-240V


    • R/L(treble):15W+15W
    • R/L(midrange and bass): 25W+25W
    • SW:70W



    • PC
    • AUX
    • Optical
    • Coaxial
    • Bluetooth


    Connecting a subwoofer with a pair of powered speakers that do not have a “Sub-Out”

    Yes, you can use a subwoofer with our powered speakers, but the subwoofer must also be self-powered. You will need an RCA Y-splitter. From the audio source run one set of the RCA’s to the speakers, and the other set of RCA’s to the subwoofer. Note that speakers without a sub-out do not have a low-pass filter, so they will continue to play bass frequencies when connected to the subwoofer.

    Pairing two Bluetooth sets of Edifier speakers to a device and use them at the same time?

    This is possible but only if the audio source is capable of dual Bluetooth audio. Please check with your Bluetooth devices owner’s manual, or the manufacturer to see if it has dual Bluetooth audio capability. If your device does not have this capability you can purchase an external Bluetooth splitter transmitter from many online retailers.

    There is audio from one speaker, but none or a scratching noise out of the other.

    This issue is usually caused by a tracking issue on the turntable. To test if it is the turntable at fault or the speakers, reverse the RCA jacks on the control speaker, red to white and white to red. If the issue now occurs on the other speaker, it is the turntable at fault. Please contact your turntable manufacturer for instructions on how to properly set the tracking. If the issue remains on the same channel it is problem. Please contact our customer service team for troubleshooting and assistance.

    Why does my speaker cannot connect to Bluetooth?

    1. Make sure the Bluetooth input is selected, you can do this one of two ways. With the speaker remote, press the button with the Bluetooth symbol or you can click-in the volume knob on the control speaker to cycle through the inputs. If the speakers have an LED indicator the light will turn blue, if they have a screen the Bluetooth symbol will appear, you will now be able to pair a device. If you are able to pair, but are still not getting audio please check that the volume is up on both the Bluetooth device and the speakers.
    2. Disconnect any previously paired devices. Press and hold the volume knob down on the control speaker for 2-5 seconds. Then pair with the speakers from your Bluetooth device.

    Speakers are connected to my turntable, but there is little or no volume.

    Self-powered speakers often require the use of a preamp to enhance the phono signal to a line-level suitable for amplification. Many contemporary turntables are equipped with a convenient switchable preamp feature, which simplifies the connection process.

    Typically, you can find the preamp switch on the back of the turntable or beneath the platter. It's commonly labeled as 'Phono/Line,' and for proper connection to self-powered speakers, it should be set to the 'Line' position.

    To determine whether your turntable has a built-in preamp, we recommend consulting the owner's manual provided with your turntable or reaching out to the turntable manufacturer. They can offer precise instructions and guidance on adjusting the preamp settings, ensuring you achieve optimal sound quality.

    My speakers are always too quiet when I turn them on.

    In order to protect the speakers (and your ears) from a loud volume surge, they utilize a volume remember setting that powers on at anywhere from 20 to 60% lower volume, depending on how loud they were when they were last switched off.

    Where can I purchase a replacement remote for my speakers?

    Remotes are available for purchase on Edifier’s official website. Visit the Edifier site that is specific to your region and then click the “Shop” at the top right. On the next page, click on “Accessories” located in the left sidebar. The accessories page should have a listing for the remote.

    Speakers connected to TV using the optical cable, but am not getting any sound.

    1. Check that the optical input is selected on the speakers, for speakers with an LED indicator the light will be red, for speakers with a screen, OPT will be displayed.
    2. Our speakers use Pulse-Code Modulation, or PCM as the optical/digital input signal. TV’s with an optical audio output will have the option to switch the optical/digital output to PCM. This can usually be done by going into the audio settings, or advanced audio settings, on the TV menu. If you cannot find the setting for your particular brand and model of TV, please contact the manufacturer, they will easily be able to walk you through the process of switching to PCM.

    My speakers are no longer turning on/not playing any audio?

    1. Are the speakers plugged into a working outlet and the master power switch on the active speaker is switched to on? Can you try the speakers with a few different outlets? Is the LED indicator on the speaker no longer coming on once you do this?
    2. If the speakers are turning on can you try using them with a few different inputs and audio sources to see if you can get them to play? Also, be sure to check the the input you are using to connect to the speakers is selected using the remote or volume knob.
    *If the speakers will not turn on after checking the power switch and making sure the outlet is working, the internal power supply is most likely bad and the speakers will need to be replaced if they are under warranty.

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