• Deep Noise Cancellation & Superb Vocal Clarity

    With hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology, the noise reduction depth of GX07 earbuds can reach up to -38dB. Plus, each earbud has two built-in high-sensitive MICs that detect external sounds and cancel them. GX07 earbuds can achieve high-performance noise reduction and offer superb vocal clarity during video and voice calls even in loud environments.

  • Fully Immersive & Seamless Gaming Experience

    H+ special game sound effect precisely set by Edifier Acoustics Lab for GX07 earbuds optimizes gunfire and footsteps to bring an immersive sense of presence. And the 60ms imperceptible latency fully synchronizes the audio to the video, providing forestall sound position and an outstanding gaming experience for you.

  • Superior Sound Quality

    GX07 earbuds that own a well-calibrated 8mm complex diaphragm, with the support of double high-definition decoding of AAC and LHDC and the flagship acoustic configuration, are designed to give you an exciting listening experience.

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GX07 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation

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  • Unique design with RGB lighting effects enhances your gaming vibe
  • Advanced active and environmental noise cancellation (ANC & ENC) technology significantly improves call quality
  • Game mode with specially tuned H+ sound effect and 60ms low latency
  • Personalize your settings and find more with the EDIFIER CONNECT APP
  • Infrared in-ear detection: the music is automatically played/paused when earbuds inserted/removed
  • IP54-rated dust and water resistance for outdoor scenarios

    1 Year Warranty

    Free Shipping Over $99

    30 Day Return Policy

    GX07 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation
    GX07 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation
    GX07 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation
    GX07 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation
    GX07 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation

    Smart APP Control

    Explore our exclusive Edifier Connect APP to enable more GX07 features and enjoy a better gaming experience. The strength of Ambient Sound Mode is adjustable via APP. The in-ear detection setting is turned off as default. Please connect the APP to amend this function if required.

    Ambient Sound Mode

    Communicate with others and be aware of your surroundings without taking out your GX07 earbuds. Ambient sound mode can be switched by double-clicking the left piece and adjusting through the APP, with easy switching between the game and the real world.

    Quick Charge & Long Playtime

    GX07 earbuds and charging case adopt the quick charging technology. After 15 minutes of charge in the case, the earbuds can run 2hrs. With noise cancellation off, the total playback time can reach up to 26hrs.

    Comfortable to Wear

    You can wear GX07 all day long without any discomfort, thanks to its small size, lightweight, and ergonomic in-ear design. Besides, it includes three ear tips of different sizes to fit different people's ears. Choose the most comfortable pair to achieve the best listening and wear experiences.

    Distinctive Design with RGB  Lighting

    Adopts poison fang design incorporating RGB colourful breathing lighting, the GX07 delivers the soul of a cyberpunk. The design of the GX07 charging case is inspired by the wing doors of the super GT. When you open the charging case, the RGB light will turn on automatically and alternately to attract everyone's attention.

    Tap Control for Easy Operation

    Access different functions by tapping on the earbuds. Follow the single-hand operation instructions to enjoy a better gaming experience.



    • ANC On: About 5h (Earbuds) + 15h (Charging Case)
    • ANC Off: About 6.5h (Earbuds) + 19.5h (Charging Case)


    • Φ8mm dynamic driver

    Audio Codecs

    • LHDC
    • AAC
    • SBC


    • 94±3dBSPL(A)


    • 24Ω


    • 20Hz-20KHz



    • 40mAh (Earbuds)
    • 500mAh (Charging Case)


    • About 1 Hour (Earbuds)
    • About 1 Hour (Charging Case)



    • USB Type-C


    • V5.0

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